About Us

System Restoration Technologies CC (SRT) has positioned itself as a company specialising in disaster recovery, project management, structure
clean-up and decontamination and specialised equipment refurbishment.

We have been in operation for almost 20 years and our vast experience in dealing with disasters of almost every type have helped us to become the
go-to people when dealing with household and commercial catastrophes.

We focus on loss prevention, minimizing business interruption and overall reinstatement to ensure that your business or home life does not continue to suffer after calamity strikes. This is a daunting task and best left to the professionals who can assist in all matters. Our aim is to place our vast experience at your disposal and by doing so put your life back on track as quickly as possible.

The company was founded by Pedja Lukic, a Serbian immigrant to South Africa, almost 20 years ago. It started out as an industrial cleaning company which moulded itself around the needs of insurance, manufacturing and other industries requiring restoration, refurbishment and specialised cleaning services. From refurbishment of heavy duty machinery in the automotive industry to functional restoration and data recovery from fire damaged network servers, we adjust the project to suit the needs, rather than the other way around. We are proud of our “Can – do” attitude which is based on knowledge and experience gained over the years - having successfully completed more than 2 500 projects.

Today the company has developed into specialised service provider to insurance industry encompassing the following departments and divisions:

  • Administration Department dealing with, damage reports, replacement values, restoration estimates, project budgets and insurance – client – loss adjuster liaison;
  • Our Logistics Department enables smooth running of transport related tasks for both procurement division and projects department. Dedicated Logistics Manager supported by truck drivers, inventory administrators and transport crew is equipped with fleet of trucks, response vehicles, mobile workshops and temporary storage / packaging units, enables quick and meaningful response to any disaster situation;
  • In–House Projects Department, led by Projects Manager and Projects Administrator, encompasses following divisions:
    • Joinery division, dealing with manufacturing and repairs of household, office and retail furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings;
    • Retail division, dealing with all types of catering, butchery, bakery, refrigeration, deli, bar, restaurant, shop floor equipment refurbishment, servicing and repairs;
    • Resurfacing division, dealing with wood, composite materials, stainless steel, mild steel, PVC and other materials preparation, corrosion protection, spray painting, paint-effect finishing and polishing;
    • Electronics / Electrical division, dealing with IT, AV, large and small appliances restoration;
    • Quality control division, which works independently and is responsible for upholding highest standard of restoration;
  • Purpose–Made Restoration Centre which is located in Milnerton (Cape Town) and spreads over 2 000 sqm under roof and houses:
    • Various wash / cleaning bays;
    • Soda / sand blasting chamber;
    • Drying chamber;
    • Climate controlled ozone treatment chamber;
    • Mechanical workshop;
    • Metalwork workshop, including argon / stainless steel welding and fabrication;
    • Surface preparation and polishing workshop;
    • Spray painting booth;
    • Joinery workshop with full set of industrial machinery;
    • Quality control and final packaging workshop, including shrink – wrapping tunnel for packaging of large amount of restored / re-packaged goods;
    • We are particularly proud of our training and practical exercises workshop, as well as equipment design studio, which are enabling us to position our company as a leader in the industry through constant improvements and staff training.