Remediation Services

We pride ourselves in preserving and restoring items initially thought to be damaged beyond repair, using advanced restoration techniques and specialist products. Remediation services are primarily oriented towards meaningful response to post-disaster situations. More...

We have a full understanding of clients’ diverse needs and expectations in both residential and commercial claims.

Over the 18 years we developed numerous techniques, administrative actions and provided logistical support resulting in alleviating clients’ concerns and overall and timeous reinstatement to pre-damage state.

We are firm believers in the premise that “Everything needs to be done right” and pride ourselves in refusing to take any shortcuts.

Click on the links below and find out about our tried-and-tested processes and services used during remedial actions. We are sure you will find what you are looking for as WE HAVE DONE IT BEFORE!

Disaster Recovery

We are fully prepared to assist with the consequences of any disaster and have dealt with several scenarios to deploy a sufficient disaster recovery response plan with an equally experienced crew.

Expert Services

  • On-site inspections and assessments to determine extent of damage and restoration feasibility
  • Technical reporting and consultin
  • Project Management

Disaster response services

  • Emergency water extraction
  • Risk assessment
  • Boarding up and demarcating of areas
  • Secure site and removal of valuables
  • Set up safety protocols
  • Isolation of power supply

Transport & Logistical Support

  • Pack out, sorting and recording of inventory with photos documenting the extent of damage of each item, barcoding and packaging for transport.
  • Contents upliftment and transport to storage or restoration facility
  • Secure storage for unaffected items and restored goods
  • Debris removal
  • Removal and disposal of unsalvageable goods
  • Pack back and repositioning of all furniture, curtains, mirrors and paintings
  • Installation and set-up of all AV and IT equipment

Administrative support

  • Value-at-risk assessment
  • Contents Presentation Reports
  • Condition Status Reports of itemised goods
  • Total Loss Reports of Itemised Goods
  • Client Inspections
Clean-up & Decontamination

SRT has developed an array of non-standard techniques and know-how in the realm of decontamination which we successfully implemented in once-off and contract clean-ups. Gained experience and knowledge base enables us to tackle the most complicated and demanding projects and develop custom-made techniques and even equipment for task at hand. Our technicians are well trained to recognise various materials and safeguard any surface from damage that might be caused by cleaning and exposure to water, chemicals and alike.

Apart from being armed with enthusiasm our teams are well equipped with standard and specialised machinery and trained in proper usage thereof:

  • Dry ice blasters – NON-ABRASIVE decontamination by freezing and dislodging at -78 ˚C, NO RESIDUE;
  • Baking soda blasters – semi abrasive to full abrasive removal of dirt, rust and caked contaminants, residue dissolved baking soda only. Safe to use in food industry;
  • High pressure water jetting with simultaneous waste water vacuuming and safe disposal;
  • Wet sandblasting – silica sand propelled by high pressure water, rather than air. Ensures minimal spread of waste sand and reasonable containment in work area only;

By incorporation above and an array of other techniques with standard cleaning processes, we can respond to any demand and devise procedures to suit your specific needs.

We also offer;

Drying services

  • Drying and dehumidification of floors, walls and carpets
  • Fungicidal treatment
  • Bactericidal treatment
  • Moisture measurements to determine saturation levels of concrete.

Structure restoration

  • Fire & smoke damage clean-up and decontamination
  • Duct cleaning
  • Suspended ceilings and light fitting restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Soda blasting
  • Sand blasting (wet & dry)
  • Corrosion protection
  • Large volume airless spray painting
  • Installation of temporary power supply
  • Aluminium doors, windows and frames

Industrial cleaning

  • Machinery degreasing / decarbonisation
  • Safe indoor corrosion removal
  • Air handling systems cleaning
  • High level roof structure cleaning
  • Fixtures and fittings cleaning and painting
  • High pressure cleaning and painting of floors

Restoration & Refurbishment

With advances in quality of materials and production processes many items can outlast perceived life expectancy. Whilst this might be true for a small portion of household contents only, commercial items can last for years, if not decades needing replacement only if totally neglected or as a part of mayor revamp. If one takes food retail sector as an example, various shelving, counters and displays might reach the end of useful life due to the need to introduce a “Fresh Look” to the store, but most of the refrigeration, butchery, bakery and similar equipment can be successfully refurbished at a fraction of the price when compared to replacement. Such items are manufactured in durable materials (stainless steel and alike) and require replacement of wear-and-tear components in order to prolong its useful life.

SRT is unique in this field, as we offer both aesthetic and functional restoration and refurbishment of almost all commercial – level items imaginable. In keeping with our commitment to the client, we do not accept any items for just ‘’quick repairs’’ but rather dedicate our effort to providing unique and value-for-money service, with no compromises on quality and safety standards.

Over the years, we developed good working relationships with dedicated specialist service providers and agents and include them in the service and/or repair of items that they specialize in. This way we ensure that our refurbishment process ensures the item not only looks good, but can serve for many years to come. Most of refurbished items are returned to the client with a reasonable guarantee period, which is dependent on type of the item and extent of refurbishment process.

We also provide the following restoration services;

Paper, Art work & Photo Restoration Services

  • Art work restoration
  • Photo restoration
  • Memorabilia restoration
  • Document restoration

Furniture Restoration

  • Furniture restoration, resurfacing and re-upholstery
  • French polishing

Hardwood Restoration

  • Banisters, stairs, moulding, fireplace mantels, fine woodwork

Electronic equipment and appliances

  • Cleaning, decontamination and corrosion removal
  • Data recovery

Floor restoration

  • Hardwood floors, tiles, marble
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Odour neutralisation


  • Refurbishment of large appliances, catering equipment, specialised equipment and machinery
  • Removal of corrosion, pacification and polishing of stainless steel
  • Rebuilding of shop fittings

Manufacturing and Installations


The very first association to restoration anyone would have, is most likely FURNITURE. Being a semi-permanent asset and passed down for generations, valued pieces will undergo a refurbishment of some sort or another over the years. A common misconception is allowing general restoration companies to perform restoration on items affected by fire and/or flood damage.

SRT is avoiding the generally accepted restoration methods for these scenarios by providing services that are truly needed in said situation – being decontamination, drying, neutralization of acidic build up, non-abrasive removal of charred / singed layers and so on. Only following such processes, items would undergo re-surfacing and repairs, which are commonly known as “Furniture Restoration”.

6 years ago, we decided to strengthen and further develop this service by opening a fully-fledged joinery workshop with industrial machinery, dedicated spray painting facility and assembly line for flat board joinery and shop fittings. Over the years we trained and upskilled our employees to the standard required in this very challenging line of work and managed to build a skill pool able to respond to any request / problem posed by the clients / insurers.

Our competent teams are currently providing the following services:

  • Colour and texture matching of most finishes;
  • Stressed, antiqued and other paint techniques to match or re-surface in desired finish;
  • Straightening of warped solid wood table tops and alike;
  • Complete rebuild of affected items, including re-upholstery, padding replacement, frame reinforcement and structure repairs;
  • Bactericidal and fungicidal treatments to internal sections of soft furnishings affected by water;
  • Re-build of affected sections, including carvings and similar by using most modern materials - epoxies, composites, polyurethanes, and alike;
  • Various "underpinning" and other reinforcing techniques used to strengthen breakages, cracks and similar damage sustained during transport;

Give us a call with your specific issue / problem - chances are very good that WE HAVE DONE IT BEFORE!

Custom Designs

Over the years our joinery department has progressed into fully fledged custom design and manufacturing facility. During that period, we developed specialised techniques and skill pool resulting in quality of the finished product that goes way above “acceptable” in built-in furniture, shop fittings, decorative, free-standing items and alike.

By using Computer Aided Design (AutoCad, SketchUp and similar) we can turn your ideas into practical, achievable and cost-efficient objects that would stand the test of time and serve their purpose for years to come. Developments in CNC machining enables us to manufacture these items to exact spec stipulated on the mutually agreed design, or in deed propose new approach, which could result in major savings and better quality of the final product.

We can offer assistance and advice on technical issues when choosing materials, finishes, joining and hanging techniques, design of various sub-frames, brackets, load bearers and alike, with the view on safety, practicality and life span of the item. These are properly documented and can be sent for review by structural engineer, if required.

Our manufacturing facility is not limited to wood, flat board and similar materials only. We manufacture items in mild and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, composites and various plastics, such as PVC, HDPE, Nylon, Perspex and similar. Knowledge of physical characteristics of most of the materials enables us to use them safely and incorporate various other features such as LED lights, switchgear, display panels / TV’s, water features and alike. Similarly, we can develop items and propose finishes that are safe to use in adverse environments, such as exposure to water, steam / high humidity, sun and excessive wear and tear of any kind. Over the years, we developed good working relationships with many suppliers and sub-contractors and can offer various related outsourced services.

Please refer to our gallery where you can see some of the more recent completed projects and specific items manufactured in our workshop.