Remediation Services

We pride ourselves in preserving and restoring items initially thought to be damaged beyond repair, using advanced restoration techniques and specialist products. Remediation services are primarily oriented towards meaningful response to post-disaster situations.

Disaster Recovery

Water Damage

The onus is on the insured to act on a principle of "prudent uninsured" and prevent any further damage or loss.

Once SRT is appointed, we will protect your property from further moisture absorption by drying the items and structure in the shortest possible time.

It is well-known that it takes 500 times more energy (time, inconvenience, frustration) to force-dry an item or surface, than to vacuum the same amount of water from it. Our trailer-mounted Everest vacuum machine is powered by a 100 horse power engine and the result is a huge capacity water removal system which leaves minimum amount of moisture for drying.

We will work with you and your loss adjuster and insurance company to determine which possessions can be saved and restored and what will be written off as a total loss. Each of your belongings will be recorded, photographed and barcoded for tracking purposes.

During the restoration process our aim is to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. We do not charge for any items that we are not able to restore in full, thus eliminating risk on behalf of the insured and insurer.

Do's and don’ts after a flood